Bellboy Planet Robobot: Science Labs of DOOM!!! is the secondary Bellboy film directed by Thor Freudenthal and released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It will be released Thursday June 9, 2016.

Cast Edit

Pillah - Billy Crystal

Cultra - Jessica DiCicco

Whipcreat - Blake Shelton

Bellboy - Zachary Gordon

Ms. B - Amy Poehler

Toxioad - Chris Sanders

Robobot/Invader Armors - John DiMaggio

Invaders/Clubmechs/Haltman Grunts - Noah Schnapp

Gigavolt - Morgan Freeman

Voltes - Pete Browngardt

Mr. Kelly - Neil Patrick Harris

Plot Edit

On a bright, gusty morning, Bellboy is at the school, working on his homework with his companion Ms. B, as usual. Then at 8:30am, Both of them walk to the guidance counselor's room and wait patiently as everyone arrives. When they leave for the bus, the hop right in, and then a teacher has to take attendance from students for everyone to not get left behind, and Bellboy is slightly impatient of this, but after the attendance is done, they go to the UMASS science labs. In the science labs, there are hazards such as open flames, toxic, broken glassware, and driving simulators that may cause motion sickness. Luckily, Bellboy brought headphones just in case there are any explosions, sometimes startle him even with his headphones on. Pillah tried out the driving simulator, and caused the glass in his pill storage unit to explode. After the field trip, missing some of E period, Bellboy and his friends finally got to play the part on the homefront skits, even if he has to be woman 1, but is still Bellboy just the way he likes it.

Songs Edit


Disney Theme Tune (Robobot Version) composed by Theodore Shapiro


WISH (I Can't Wait for You) composed by Theodore Shapiro and performed by Soushi Tanaka

Sweet Victory performed by David Glen Eisley 8-bit Arrangement by PennyPincher

Rhythm Heaven Remix 7 composed by Christophe Beck