"Aw, crud!"

-Bellboy when things go terribly wrong

Bellboy is the main character of all the Bellboy series.

Personality Edit

Basically, he's the same character as Kirby. But Bellboy is a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic character who likes to play video games, and have some fun. His sidekick is Ringle (otherwise known as Dingle).

Likes Edit

He likes to read some made up books that he made. he also likes macaroni and cheese.

Dislikes Edit

Sometimes he doesn't have to like things if he doesn't want to. But the worst thing that he doesn't like was the book "Weslandia"! It's a dreaded book where Bellboy meets his match! There are exactly 4 of these things of why they are opposite. Weslandia is miserable, while Bellboy is enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky. Weslandia HAAAAATES pizza and soda, while Bellboy LOVES pizza and soda. Weslandia refuses to shave his hair, while Bellboy likes having a buzzcut. Wesley found professional football stupid, while Bellboy finds it not-so-stupid and awesome! So now you know why they're opposites.

Voice Edit

He is voiced by Zachary Gordon, along with Papi Jr. from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.