KTD Spinum

Spynum, born September 7, 1878, is an enemy in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is the only enemy to yield the Archer ability when inhaled.

Spynum rarely moves. It holds completely still until Kirby approaches. The enemy quickly lifts the brim of its hat, pulls out its bow and arrow, and fires a well-aimed arrow at the hero. It immediately returns its bow to its back and lowers the brim of its hat.
Most Spynums are positioned on Star Blocks or other high platforms, giving them a good range from which to snipe Kirby. A few Spynums in the game walk around when Kirby is away. Most Spynums attack the hero from the foreground, but some stand in the background and shoot arrows at him from there.


Spynum is a shifty bipedal enemy. It has a blue body and an indigo head with white eyes. The enemy has crimson feet and spherical yellow hands. It wears a purple cloak and a crimson hat to keep its identity masked. The hat is adorned with a rainbow feather on its left and right sides. Spynum carries its red bow on its back when not firing an arrow.

Spynum's Workplace Edit

Spynum works at Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant.


When keeping a secret, he is often voiced by Benjamin "Ben" Bratt, the voice of Manny in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Movies 1-2.